Chartreuse Le Cariol

Chartreuse Le Cariol is a particular domain in the beautiful French countryside of the Dordogne. You can experience this completely restored 12th century Chartreuse in its original style, with added contemporary comfort and art by the Dutch artist Marthijn de Groot. It is only a 20 minute drive away from Bergerac airport, which is easily accessible with flights arriving from Transavia, Flybe and Easyjet.

About the residence

The Chartreuse can be divided in two lovely family suites and our so-called Gîte Hammam. And beside that there is the Gîte Périgordine, which is situated more or less on its own. Each accommodation has its own characteristics, but they’re all extraordinary and charming.

From your own private terrace you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets, while sipping a glass of good wine. Our large swimming pool is the ideal place to relax for you and for your kids to meet up with their new friends! You can also relax by playing jeu des boules, by walking along the walnut trees, by having a drink at the courtyard or just by sitting in the garden and enjoy the silence and the view.

For evenings of relaxation we often enjoy fires in the open fireplace, which is in the pool house. Or we take a bath in the wood fired hot tub and watch the starry sky.

The region

Le Cariol lies in the Périgord Pourpre, in the vicinity of the Bergerac and Monbazillac wine regions. We are surrounded by various medieval fortified towns, including Monpazier, Issigeac and Beaumont-du-Périgord. Our region is renowned for its rich cuisine, in which duck, truffle, walnuts and foie gras are central components.

The Périgord is the old name for the Dordogne region, which is made up of 4 parts. The northern part is Périgord Vert: this is where the most rain falls and the forests are beautifully green. Towards the west, lies Périgord Blanc, named after the white chalk plateaux, an unusual archaeological area.

In the south-east there is Périgord Noir, home to many black truffles. And finally, in the south, there is the Périgord Pourpre, named for its extensive vineyards.

The climate

This area has a land climate but is also influenced by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

It is generally pleasantly mild and can become nice and hot in the summer. Occasionally it gets very cold in the winter. The air here is amongst the cleanest in Europe. In the evenings, when the weather is clear, the Milky Way and thousands of other stars are clearly visible.

Historic region

The Périgord is also referred to as “The Land of 1001 Castles”. In addition to the many chateaus, the region is also known for its caves where remnants of prehistoric times have been discovered. Le Cariol is an excellent base to discover this beautiful historic region. In the vicinity there are interesting places, many castles, cozy markets, good wineries, nice restaurants, prehistoric caves and several UNESCO sights to visit.

Interested to stay at Le Cariol?

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Impression of The Chartreuse